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viernes, marzo 03, 2006


I didn't always like my name. This isn't why I use "Jadzia" online or anything, that's basically because I'm a big nerd. Anyway, my point is, my real name took some getting used to. About 20-something years, I'd say. It certainly helps to have an uncommon name when you're bored and decided to Google your name. If my name was Mary, or Ann, I'd have to scroll through a LOT of results to get something remotely interesting (No offense Marys and Anns). But with my name, the fun is almost immediate.

Disclaimer: I did mention in my previous post I was very bored. I cannot guarantee this post will be fun for everyone, but it's fun for ME. And really, this is MY blog, right? hehe.

Ok, so apparently I've released a few albums somewhere in the Middle East/Asia:

I'm also a shire in Australia...
Shire of Leonora
Sidenote for LOST fans: Kalgoorlie is where Hurley goes when he's seeking answers re: "The Numbers". That's why he was in Australia!

The Leonora Cultural Society of New York???
"Leonorians from USA, CANADA and around the WORLD!"

I'm also a member of the Library Sisters of the Soul

I was Miss Costa Rica Mundo 2006, and then crowned Miss Asia Pacific International 05


This was fun!! I'm out of time, but maybe I'll find more interesting things about me!!


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