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domingo, marzo 12, 2006

Small-ish update

Well, this was a good week =) I mentioned in my last post about Ralph's party and there being some cute boys. Well, I noticed one of them sort of right away, but Ralph didn't know him. I guess he was there with other friends... So we did the whole stare at each other at first. After a while (and after I'd had a few drinks so I don't remember the precise details), he finally approached me and we talked. His name is Justin. I was kind of all over the place, talking to different people, etc. But he managed to talk to me anyway, and eventually asked for my number. Yay!! I didn't think much of it, I mean I hoped he'd call, but didn't know what to think. Guys are weird and you just never know.

But call he did, Monday evening. We talked for a bit, the call lasted like 2.5 mins, but it was enough to chit-chat, and make plans for Tuesday. Tuesday we went to dinner at Nicolosi's. It was a very nice dinner, lots of conversation, and I laughed a lot which is very important to me. After dinner, we went to McGregor's for a drink. All in all, an awesome date.

He said he'd call on Thursday, and actually did (a guy who calls when he says he will?? WHOA). We chatted a bit, he had to work that day, so we made tentative plans for Saturday. Friday, though, a friend who was visiting from out of town called and wanted to hang out. Justin called me later that night and I invited him to hang out with me, and my friend from out of town. We went to PB. It was fun, but it was raining and cold =( Still, I had a good time, and I loved the way Justin totally made an effort to show my friends a good time. It was so sweet!

Saturday he called and had some work to do and it was his friends' bday (guys' night), so we postponed hanging out for another day. It was still rainy and cold that day, so I really didn't mind staying home. I didn't really feel like calling anyone or making plans. It was a pretty nice, relaxing day. I did absolutely NOTHING. Well, except go for breakfast with my mom earlier around 11am. I love days where I do nothing...

Today I'm going to late lunch with my friend and ex-roommate Steph. I haven't seen her in a WHILE.

And that's been my week!


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