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miércoles, abril 26, 2006

I'm not totally callous...

Ever notice how, when someone dies, either in an accident, from illness, or by murder, all of a sudden that person was the sweetest, most likeable person ever, and they could do no wrong? No one hates them. Were they even human?

Don't get me wrong, I don't think anyone deserves to die young (death is a part of life, so we're all gonna die someday, but preferably after we've lived a long and happy life). And I think most people are basically nice, but we are all human and we all make mistakes. We're not 100% good. Why can't we accept people for who they really are?

There's a really weird website called Deathspace, or something like that, I forget. Basically it's like Myspace, but for people (mostly young people) who've died. It tells you how they died, and links their actual Myspace, and people comment.

I saw a page for this girl, she was like 15 or 16. She died because she stole her mom's car while being grounded, and I think she and her friends were drinking or something, and they got into an accident, and the girl died. I don't remember if any of her friends were injured, or if she even had passengers. Anyway, yes it's a sad event and it was probably an accident, but... SHE WAS DRINKING WHILE UNDER AGE, SHE STOLE HER MOM'S CAR WHILE GROUNDED, AND SHE MIGHT'VE HAD PASSENGERS (I just don't remember, but still all things being very irresponsible!). Seriously, people!! I know it's still sad that she passed away. But people forget that everything you do in life has CONSEQUENCES. Some are fatal. She was probably a very sweet girl, but I doubt EVERYONE liked her SOOO MUCH and she was SOO PERFECT!! No, she wasn't. She did bad things, too. It's life!

It seems that when we lose someone (either by death or just by being out of our life), all of a sudden they become this perfect being. So, because a certain boy or girl was brutally murdered, they become saints? I think we need to keep perspective. Mourning is not the same as idealizing. When you say that someone was just the best person ever and OMG etc, you are not properly paying your respects. You're not mourning the real person, you're mourning the perfect idea of what you wanted the person to be, and I think that's disrespectful. Accept the person who has passed on was human, and you will be paying a better tribute to them.

Seriously, I do have heart and I do have soul. I'm not hatin'! I just keep it real, dawg! Sorry, Randy Jackson got a hold of me...

...probably because I'm in love with Elliott.

He made Paula CRY! I love him.

And that, my friends, is the most random segue in life. I should be in the Guiness Book.


  • My grandmother was married to a real asshole. Alcoholic, abusive to her and his kids, physically and mentally. A real jerk. Until he died, that is.

    I don't understand, either.

    By Blogger goldennib, at miércoles, 26 de abril de 2006, 16:15:00 GMT-7  

  • right? I mean, I do think some people do more good than evil in their life, so it's fine to "forget" the few mistakes or wrong turns they took, especially if they redeemed themselves.

    But to just be in denial about a person's true character and make them saints when they weren't... It's just wrong =\

    By Blogger Jadzia, at miércoles, 26 de abril de 2006, 18:01:00 GMT-7  

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