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miércoles, abril 12, 2006

I'm doing it again...

Posting Overheards. This one, sadly, is true! Mexicans ARE bad tippers. Few people I know tip well, even fewer recognize the tip jar at coffee shops and the like. My mom still thinks 10% is acceptable. It's NOT!!!

2PM Collate Receipts

Boss: Find anything interesting?
Employee: Yeah. Mexicans are bad tippers...Sorry, that was racist. Spanish people are bad tippers.

1100 Vermont Avenue NWWashington, DC
Overheard by: adrone

Oh, and it also includes one of my pet peeves: hispanics, latin-americans, people who speak Spanish as a first language, etc. ARE NOT "SPANISH". SPANISH is their language. It's like calling people from the US, Australia, etc "English". Stupids.


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