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martes, abril 04, 2006

I <3 COX

Scrubs stole my joke! Except, when I said it, it wasn't a joke, I was serious!


Elliot and Jordan (Kate on Drew Carey) are talking. Jordan tells Elliot that one of the reasons she divorced "Perry" (Dr. Cox) was because of his last name. It goes like this:

Elliot- "You don't like Cox?"
Jordan- "Actually, I love Cox"
Pervy Surgeon (don't know his name, the one who doesn't wear sleeves)- says something about how it's a perfect conversation between girls...
Jordan- says something about conversations always went that way and that's why she hated the name.

OK hello?? I was in ASL (American Sign Language) class one time, and we were doing a group activity. We were supposed to only use Sign in class (not speak) but the teacher stepped out, so of course we started talking. Someone said they were moving somewhere in Clairemont or something, and I said that it was a nice area but I wouldn't live north of the 8 Freeway because they have Time-Warner Cable. So what, my classmates said. I replied:

"I just love COX!"

Meaning, of course, Cox Cable, my Internet, Phone, and (yes) Cable provider. And it was fairly obiovus what I had meant (in context) but nonetheless the whole class stopped talking and stared at me. Ahh fun times. I totally knew what I had said as it was coming out of my mouth, but it was too late to stop. And now my joke is on Scrubs. Just like they did the Updog joke recently. That's a good one, but I can't ever do it right...


  • Mm. When I was at San Diego State, I didn't like Cox. Cox just blows. In fact, I didn't like Cox then, and I'm sure I wouldn't like Cox now. I've been subscribing to DirecTV, but I think I'll switch to Titz Cable. ;-)

    By Blogger Andy, at martes, 4 de abril de 2006, 22:50:00 GMT-7  

  • I love saying things that have sexual undertones/overtones in conversations on purpose in such a way that it looks totally innocent, to see who catches it. The people that look me in the eye, twinkles a popin', are the ones I usually like best.

    By Blogger goldennib, at miércoles, 5 de abril de 2006, 12:13:00 GMT-7  

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