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martes, julio 19, 2005

Home sweet home... (original title from 6/23) It's a looong post ok, took me like 2 weeks to write haha.

Yes I'm back from NYC and it was GREAT!!

I left Monday June 6th. My plane left San Diego at around 11am, and was to arrive in Houston around 3pm Houston time. My next flight (Houston to NYC-La Guardia) was to leave at 5:30-ish and arrive at NYC 10pm NYC time. BUT, yes there is a but... The flight from Houston was delayed THREE hours. So we didn't leave til 8:30 Houston time and I didn't get to NYC until 1am NYC time!! I was SO TIRED. Victor picked me up at the airport and we headed to his apt near Manhattan's Lower East Side. I bought my black and white cookie and I was set for the night.

Tuesday "morning" we woke up and walked around. It was a million degrees and humid! Yuck. But whatever I guess. I bought a breakfast bagel from Au Bon Pain which was AWESOME. I looked at my receipt and it said "Leonora" and I'm like, I didn't give them my name... Then I saw it said "Leonora Torres", so I'm like Ohhh the cashier's name is Leonora!! What are the odds eh! I've never met another Leonora... Anyway, after that we met up with Constanza and walked around the Lower East Side, window- shopped and then went to the park. It was pretty mellow.

Wednesday we went to Coney Island. It was Linda (Victor's gf, from Germany), Annemike (from Holland, I probably spelled her name wrong), Victor, me and the 2 little girls that Linda and Annemike baby-sit, Isabella and Schuyler. Turned out that Annemike is former Victoria's Secret model Frederique Van Der Wal's nanny, so Schuyler is a famous kid haha. Kind of a brat though! I pretty much slept all day, trying to get a tan but was utterly unsuccessful. At night we hung out at Union Park, taking stupid pictures and trying to figure out what to do. That ended up being absolutely nothing...

Thursday we met up with Constanza again. We were supposed to meet Linda and Annemike and the 2 little girls at some pier on the Hudson River. Horrible walk... Horrible!!! In the hot sun... Yuck. We did pass by the acrobatic school that was on Sex and The City once, and I wanted to try it. Too bad I didn't have money... After finally finding the stupid pier, Constanza and I decided to walk around the Tribeca area instead of sitting in the sandbox with the others. There isn't a whole lot to do in Tribeca on a Thursday afternoon... So I called my friend Dulce, who used to be my neighbor in TJ before she moved to Puerto Rico and who now lives in Jersey City with her husband. I was to take the train from the World Trade Center station, and people kept asking me if I "felt it", the "feeling". Nope I didn't. It's just a train station! Anyway, I get to Jersey and OMG the change was drastic. The weather was nicer, there was SO much grass and green areas. Everything was so pretty and clean! I proceeded to get very drunk at Dulce and Marcos' apartment and had a great time. I had to spend the night there, though, I was too drunk to go all the way back to Manhattan! I regret not taking pictures that night though, dammit. Dulce did but she hasn't sent me any!

Friday I had wanted to go to the Metropolitan Museum and other museums/things to see in the area, but being in Jersey and hungover I knew that wouldn't happen. Around 10am Dulce and I went to get some breakfast in this really good deli around the corner from her place, and then I got on the train back. Of course I took the wrong train like 3 times and almost ended up in Brooklyn... Which is fine and all but I needed to be in Manhattan! FINALLY like 2 hrs later I get to Victor's place and I was SO tired. So I slept most of the day. Angie came by and apparently there was a party going on in Queens/Astoria/Long Island City. I have no idea which of those. Anyway, it was Brenda's birthday so we went to this party. I think we got there at like, 12am though and it was SO freaking hot and there was no AC. So we spent most of the time outside, not that that was any better since it was like 80F at 1am OUTSIDE. Horrible. I wanted to go back to Manhattan to sleep but Angie lives in Astoria so it made more sense to just stay in the area. We went to sleep around 5am but had to wake up at around 9-10am, because Angie had to be at work at 12pm and because it was SO HOT in her apartment (again no AC, yet).

So Saturday around 12ish Victor and I were in Manhattan. We went to get Indian food, I do not like Indian food. I was OK... But I don't know why it just doesn't go with me. I had some banana chicken and poori. Poori is pretty good but it needs something else... It's just a puffed-up, deep-fried flatbread! Maybe some cheese or something... Anyway, we rented the movie Freaks and went over to Angie's again. She lured us by buying an AC and we helped her install it. OH SWEET COLD AIR. We watched the movie, which is supposed to be HORROR but instead is just plain hilarious. Victor wanted to spend the night there again but Sunday at 8:30am I had to be in Chinatown to take the bus to Boston and I hadn't packed, so we went back to his apartment. I packed and tried to sleep but was too wired. Finally it is time to get up...

6:30am Sunday morning... I could've slept in since the bus didn't really pick us up til 9:30am but we didn't know that yet! So we get to Chinatown at around 8:10am feeling all good that I'm on time. Busses pass by, with all kinds of Asian characters that I can't read and I'm getting tired of waiting. I overheard someone saying they were going to Boston, so I knew at least the bus hadn't passed yet. It was 9:10am though and I was SO hungry! But I didn't wanna risk missing the damn bus (which only cost me $15 so it wasn't a huge deal). FINALLY some small Korean guy starts yelling "Boston Hartford" which really sounded more like "Boston-harfo" so at first I was like what the hell... So it's this little van, like an AstroVan or something. And I'm thinking oh it's the shuttle to the actual bus. NOPE. We took that van all the way to Boston baby! It was nice enough except that after a stop at McDonald's somewhere along the way, I ate and drank and even though I used the bathroom before getting on the van again, an hour and a half later my bladder was bursting! And of course the van had no bathroom, and we weren't gonna stop til we got to Boston... Ohhh that was bad. I had to go SO BAD. But I made it to Boston without any 'accidents' hehe. I had to run into the Cheesecake Factory once in Boston to use the bathroom though. And then Ady and her roommate Omar met up with me and we had lunch... At the Cheesecake Factory!! haha. After lunch we went back to their apartment, and I passed out on the couch watching re-runs of the Weakest Link. Several hours later, after I finally woke up, Ady took me to Cheers! Yay Cheers. It was so much fun, and I had an awesome Mudslide. I bought some souvenirs for my friends and family and we walked around some more and went home.

Monday we got up and after a REALLY good breakfast at the Pour House, we went to the Prudential Center which is a mall, right across from where I had been dropped off the day before. We walked around the mall, and bought some tickets for the Duck Tours. We met up with Ady's friend Nate and went to get some drinks at Dick's Last resort. Then we went on our tour which was soooo much fun!!!! When we got back we went to Applebee's and had the cutest waiter named George who was from Paraguay. He started speaking Spanish to us and we're like huh? Why do you know Spanish, and he's like I'm from Paraguay. But he looked basically white so we were totally surprised... We got pretty drunk there, and then we met up with Nate at a bar near Ady's place and I drank more and more... I got so drunk but since we'd been drinking all day I didn't feel it that much. Until, of course, about 30 mins after I went to bed I had to get up and throw up! I hadn't thrown up from drinking in a really, really long time! Oh it sucked...

Tuesday Ady dropped me off at the bus station and I took a Greyhound back to NYC. That cost like $25 but it was worth it because that bus did have a bathroom. Not that I needed it, of course... Murphy's Law! I'm sitting in my seat all comfortable and I put my stuff on the seat next to me. There weren't that many of us, so most people were taking up 2 seats. There were a few empty seats available so when this blonde chick comes up to me and motions for me to move my stuff I was like... DUDE wtf. And I threw a fit in my head cuz I wanted to sit alone! But then the girl started talking to me and she was SO nice. Her name was Melisa and she's from Argentina. She bought me some ice cream at the rest stop and we exchanged numbers when we got to NY. She lives in Boston where she is a chef, but she had a broken hand so she was on vacation and decided to visit some friends in NY. So I made a new friend, yay!

Later that day I decided that I should visit my cousin Bea who lives and works in Brooklyn. I'd been there a week already and hadn't visited her! I felt so bad. So Victor and I went to her restaurant, I didn't call her or anything since I wanted it to be a surprise. And boy, was it! Haha. After walking forever in the blazing heat, we found the restaurant and I asked for her. They told me she was outside, so I went outside and I'm standing there like Hi!! And she's looking at me like, why do you look so familiar... Then she yells "LEONORA!!!" and it was so funny because it's like I know I know you but you're out of place. It was great. We had an AWESOME dinner (everyone go to Frankie's 457 Spuntino now!!), and Bea and I made plans to hang out on Wednesday, my last full day there.

So Wednesday, Victor and I go to Times Square so I can get tickets for a play for Bea and me, but of course the line for the discounted tickets was like 5 hrs long. So we had breakfast instead and I called Bea and I was like, I'd rather pay full price than stand in that long-ass line! she was like ok we'll meet up later and figure it out. So Victor and I walked around Times Square, I bought more souvenirs, finally got to see a small corner of Central Park, and then we went back home. Bea met up with me at victor's, and she took me to dinner at Lupa Restaurant, which was again, AMAZING food. So we're hanging out at the restaurant, Bea used to work there so she knows almost everyone and it's really fun. All of a sudden we realize it's 7:30 and if we wanna catch a play, we need to leave NOW since plays start at 8pm. So we rush to the theater, already decided that the play we wanted to see the most was Monty Python's Spamalot. It just won the Tony so we figured it'd be sold out, but we had HOPE! And it paid off... We get to the box office and in front of us this guy is trying to sell back 2 of his tickets because he didn't need them, and the box office person is like we don't do that. So Bea is like, we'll buy them!! Each ticket was $101.25 and she offered him $150 for both and he agreed. It was SOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOD, man that play is funny. Everyone go see it when it tours ok!!!!!

Thursday I pretty much just packed and got ready to come back home... And I arrived home safe and sound and here I am!!! I don't think anything interesting happened on Thursday and I already wrote like a million pages so I'll stop here. Here's a link to some pictures from the trip. It's the first album (most of the others are password-protected, so don't even try).



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