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viernes, octubre 18, 2002

OMG! well 1st of all, I got a new computer!!! *YAY* But I still need a lot of files, pictures etc. from my old one, and right now it's at Fry's getting fixed. The tech guy there was such an asshole. Anyway...
More boy drama, yes, more. He basically dumped me, again. Why do I keep falling for him? All he does is woo me and when I fall, boom! he becomes a jerk. He's done this before and I keep falling for it. I keep thinking, this time is real. And he has a way of turning everything around so it's my fault always. *groan*. I do not know what to do... My heart is shattered into so many pieces right now. I have no idea how I'm gonna get through this. Specially when my only friend has a bf and therefore doesn't understand what I'm going through, and hearing about her relationship makes me miss mine so much. I know he's a jerk, but he can also be so sweet. Otherwise I wouldn't keep falling for him. *sigh*. This is so hard. All my relationships in the past have ended because I ended them. I've never been dumped before. Twice in one year is not good for me. Specially when it happened within 2 months of each other, the breakups. OMG!!


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