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jueves, octubre 03, 2002

I knew it... I knew I was going to get bored of school soon. I HATE IT! I have cool classes, but I just wanna be home all day and sleep and not do anything. Except go for boba.
Last night, I came into work and decided that I wanted to go home early, so about 10 mins after I get there, one of the supervisors tells me I can go home at 9:15. I start at 9! I'm like, what? only 15 mins? Well I had gotten a ride, so I had to call them and ask them to pick me up earlier, so I told the sup. that 10 would be better. So, *yay* I only worked one hr. Which of course means I only got paid for one hour. Booo.
But I got to have BOBA! mmmmmm....
So my ASL class let out early today, and I am now waiting until it's time for my bowling class. I bought a super cool pair of bowling shoes. I can't wait to wear them. LOOK! I got the Venus, but mine are light bright blue. PRETTY.
That's all for now.


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