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sábado, octubre 12, 2002

Oh my oh my oh my... life keeps gettting more and more complicated for me. Or do I make it complicated for myself? *sigh*
More boy drama. Diff. boy, same drama. AAAAAAAAH!!!!!!! I can't take it anymore!!
Saturday morning, well afternoon, and I've done nothing but blob around my room. I've watched 3 hrs straight of Saturday Night Live on Comedy Central. I have like 10000 channels, and I'm always watching either CC, Lifetime (yea I'm a dork, but I love Golden Girls and Mad About You), NBC or WB. Why am I paying for digital cable and HBO if I don't even watch them? Plus I had to be a HUGE nerd and get the Filipino Channel. Lots of cute filipino boys though, it's worth it. Oh yea, I have an Asian guy thing. I'm really really weird.
So... now I'm just waiting and waiting to see IF he'll call at all... I have no clue how to distract myself from thinking about it. I wanna play my new Mario Sunshine, but then I get lazy and I just wanna sleep.
I'm so depressing!!


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