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lunes, agosto 26, 2002

WHY did He come over to work tonight? He totally ignored me, and when I made an effort to talk to him (I know, *stupid*), he just blew me off. I don't get it... I just wanna be able to be civil with him at work. I don't want to have to go around him, or when he's the only sup. there, to have it be all uncomfortable. I was going to stay and chat with S, but stupid M had to make her stupid comment... "So does that mean that when I get off, I get to hang out with you too?"... of course she was being sarcastic. But now S is afraid that she'll actually say something to our sup. and make things worse. What M said about me and Him had a lot to do with Him not talking to me anymore, now she wants to ruin my friendship with S too?? *grrr*
Well, I still want boba, but it's impossible since they close at 11pm, and it is now 3am. =(


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