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martes, febrero 27, 2007


I am completely in love with my new shoes.

I want to wear them every day, with everything. Even if they don't match.

I am also completely addicted to Otter Pops. My favorite is Louie-Bloo Raspberry.

I kinda like not working. The money part really sucks though, so today I went on an interview! It's an office position but, BUT!, it's at a speech therapy clinic. Finally, something kinda related to my degree! Even if the job itself isn't really what I went to school for, it's in a related environment. The interview went well, and I hope I get the job. I really liked the office and the people I met.

This month, I've actually done a few things. On Superbowl Sunday, since Erik and I don't care for football at all, we went to Magic Mountain with his friends Matt, Linda, and Drew. It was a lot of fun, and it was not a thousand degrees like when we went last summer on July 3rd! It was still warm, of course; we go the one weekend in February it was over 70F. Ah well, it was fun and here are some pix!

Erik, Linda & Matt on the tram from the parking lot to the park's entrance.

Why did we go on Superbowl Sunday? No lines! This is Batman. NO LINE. We rode in the front!

Drew and Erik on the way to Goliath.

Wile E. Coyote injured himself, and had to be carried away on a wheelchair. Sylvester looks on.

I'm in love with Foghorn Leghorn.

Erik got a booboo, and I had to MacGyver a bandage because we didn't feel like going ALL THE WAY to first aid (we never really found out where it was...) That would be Drew in the back.

We are adorable!!!!

This was my first time on Tatsu. In the picture, the people are facing the floor. Yeah... It's like you're flying! I did not feel well secured, but it was fun.

All in all, a good day. We got to go on more rides in one day than I ever had had the chance! We actually got tired of riding. We left a good two hours before closing. It was nuts.

A few weeks later, Drew decided to move back to Hawaii. For his goodbye dinner, we went to Cody's in La Jolla. It was pretty damn good. Drew had gotten a coupon for $273.00 for a job he did, and our bill (for 7 people, with wine) came to $276, including tip! Some pix from that night.

The restaurant's logo.

Dan & Brittany, who were seated across from us.

We cannot stop being adorable. It just can't happen.

The whole gang, after dinner. From left: Brittany, Dan, Drew, Me, Erik, Evan, and Jill.

A couple of Sundays ago, my mom and her husband took Erik and me to L.A. No reason, just to be tourists. First stop was the Farmer's Market, where we had breakfast at Dupar's. They had the best ever in life forever pancakes. OMG!!!!! Normally, I drench pancakes, waffles, and french toast in syrup, but these pancakes required so very little of that! They were deliciousness in pancake form. A picture:

After breakfast, we walked around the market, and behind the market there's a Downtown Disney-type mall where Erik took a picture of this crooked tree.
I also got a super-mega-cool Alice in Wonderland pop-up book, that I love with all of my heart, and cannot understand how I lived without all this time.

We walked around more, drove around lots, and saw lots of fun things. One of our last stops in L.A. was to Sprinkles Cupcakes, where after waiting for about 20 mins in a pretty long line, I got six delicious cupcakes. Alas, they are by now gone and I yearn for them so.

That has been my February so far. I like having time to do things!!! I don't like not having money to do them, though. The weird thing is, all of the things I just posted were done on days/times I wouldn't have worked anyway, so what's the deal?



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