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viernes, febrero 02, 2007

Feliz Cumpleaños! and some pix

Last weekend was my little brother's birthday. Happy 26! You're my age now (shut up). So Erik & I went down to TJ to celebrate with my brother, at his second home Mofo. But first, we went to celebrate my aunt's birthday! Here are some pix!

At my aunt's: Awww, he's so cute I can't help but stare lovingly

(did you barf yet?)

My adorable niece, Maria. The cuteness is unbearable!!

Still at my aunt's: umm, I dunno

(Erik's quote: "Look at how the light radiates from my face")

At Mofo: The girls! We're so pretty! (and the waiter in the back)

Clau, the birthday boy, and me

Can I smile ANY wider??

Time for cake!! Err... Or Ding Dongs?

(with a match in lieu of candle)

All in all, a good weekend! Happy birthday, little bro! Sorry this post is so late. I'm lazy, what can I say... Hope you had a blast, and many moooore!



  • Love the photos for a few reasons:

    (1) In all your photos with your boyfriend, you look extremely and genuinely happy. (Although I had a good chuckle over "look at my face radiating light.")

    (2) As a former San Diego State student, of course I spent some time bar-hopping in Tijuana, although I stopped visiting after a while because it made me feel ridiculous to continue going with other students who had no respect for the local people or the local culture. "C'mon, guys," I always thought, "there are real people who live here, and this city is more to them than a place where frat boys can drink and act like idiots."

    I enjoyed the insider's look at Tijuana, although I confess I've never heard of the restaurant where you celebrated your brother's birthday.

    By Blogger Andy, at sábado, 24 de febrero de 2007, 18:21:00 GMT-8  

  • :) Thanks, Andy. Your thinking was right on the dot. I never even knew about all the 'gringos' and their view of TJ until I started jr college up here, and I was asked the most ridiculous questions about TJ. I guess in my naive mind, since I grew up coming up to San Diego all the time, and thought it the most normal thing ever, it was mutual (HAHA).

    Mofo is not a restaurant, though, it's a bar. My brother's favorite! He's somewhat of a "Norm" from Cheers there. It's somewhat new, probably 3 yrs maybe since it opened. It's in Pueblo Amigo, near the Señor Frogs, not on Revolución where all you guys hung out :p

    By Blogger Jadzia, at domingo, 25 de febrero de 2007, 10:48:00 GMT-8  

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