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sábado, julio 15, 2006

Pictures, etc

Blah blah blah!! Nerds.

This post is mostly a picture post, just because that's what I want. Also because I'm lazy. So if you're on dial-up, you might hate me. Of course, if you're on dial-up you have bigger problems in life than me posting pictures :p

This past week my beloved Tijuana turned 117 years old. I love my town, but I hate the people who are now living there and causing all kinds of drama :( When I was growing up, probably mostly due to being really sheltered, I never felt unsafe. Life is certainly different now...

Ok, some pix! One Tijuana-related, and the others about me because really, this is MY blog.

That big ball thing is the Tijuana Cultural Center, aka CeCuT. I wish I could go there more often. I like their IMAX screen.

On my mom's birthday, we took some pictures of my 4 yr old nephew sleeping with beer cans all over. I only took 1 pic so I'm waiting for the other people who took more pix (ahem, Angel, Diana) to email them to me.

Once, Erik and I were driving around Mission Valley, and we noticed a lot of water. Then we looked up. Apparently, a fire hydrant broke. We drove under the water! It was fun.

I don't like it when at Starbucks they ask for your name. If my name was easy, then maybe I woulnd't mind. I don't necessarily think my name is DIFFICULT, but apparently people everywhere have trouble with it since I'm always met with all kinds of blank and/or confused looks when I say my name. So, I always get some variation of my name on my cup.

This is Rita's grandaughter, Ximena, and me. Rita is like our second mom. Ximena is the cutest thing. I think Ximena might have more trouble than me at English-speaking Starbucks.

Ximena with my brother.

This is Erik and me at Magic Mountain. I shouldn't wear baseball caps, because I look like I should be selling hot dogs at the baseball game, but it was insanely hot and sunny that day. We're still mega cute, though. Seriously.

Now that I'm jobless, for now, I figure I should do something with my summer. Thursday, my friend Tere and I went to Ensenada. This is the flag they have when you first enter.

And this is me in Ensenada, all happy because I just ate :)


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