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martes, mayo 23, 2006


I always felt lucky that my mom was not like a lot of moms, pressuring me to find a guy, get married, have children, etc. [She just rags on me about my weight! That much is normal]. Granted, I had a consistent boyfriend for a large chunk of my life (from age 15 til 24, 4 different long-term relationships). And even after that last long relationship, I've had some shorter-term boyfriends that she met at some point. I don't think I've ever expressed to her being unhappily single. She has not met a boyfriend of mine since September 05, though, and she's not known me to date anyone since (which is not necessarily the case, she just hasn't met them). So, maybe she thinks I need a boyfriend? She must. Because I received an email from her today. She begins by telling me about a website where I can look for jobs that are related to my major. That much is appreciated. She continues with this (which I translated from its original Spanish, but I will post the original below it, too):

"I also went into Dating & Personal (sic) and put that I was searching for men between 25 and 30 years of age within 40 miles of your zipcode and I got a ton of results and some were quite attractive. You should check it out. There's nothing to lose."

"Tambien me meti en Dating & Personal y puse que buscaba hombres entre 25 y
30 anos en un area de 40 millas cerca de tu zip code y salieron un chorro y
unos bastante atractivos. Deberias meterte. No pierdes nada."

Wow, my own mom think I should do online dating. I replied something along the lines of Thanks, but No thanks... and how it's kinda lame. She wrote back:

"well it's better than not doing anything on weekends, or not have friends. it doesn't have to be serious."

"pues esta peor no hacer nada los fines de semana o tener amigos, no tiene
que ser en serio."

OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm still tending my very serious BURN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And with that, my mom (even with her best intentions) has joined the club of mothers who just want their daughters to find a nice man to settle down with.

Mom, I appreciate the sentiment, but I am already dating someone. I like him a lot, really. I'm not such a loser. I am able to meet people on my own. Thanks for the vote of confidence, though!!


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