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lunes, enero 27, 2003

Oh... my... head...
This was a good weekend. Friday my dad and I took my brother, because he turns 22 today, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! (he doesn't read this though...hehe) to eat to a Brazilian-style restaurant in Tijuana, called "Las Pampas". It's the best. They just bring you meat, and more meat, and more, and more... until you say STOP! heheh.. It's awesome. Plus they have an all-you-can-eat salad bar, with the BEST creamy spaghetti ever.
Saturday my brother threw a party at my mom's and I drank the entire house. OMG. It was a fun party though. I didn't sleep at all, and didn't get to sleep until my mom dropped me off at my apt. around 830am Sunday! I slept until 6pm. Then I had to go to work. *Noooooo!!!*... I was really not feeling going to work.
I met the cutest guy at the party, but *sigh*, he's 19. Is that like totally robbing the cradle or what?? haha... It's cool though. He lives in the area, and I don't think hanging out would be bad. He did give me his number, and asked for mine... Hmmm...

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