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miércoles, agosto 07, 2002

I guess this is my little space where i can pour out my heart.... not that anyone would be interested in it...
a little about me. i'm 23. i live in san diego. i go to sdsu, majoring in speech therapy. lived in tijuana until last year.
i'm having a bit of a problem. straight to the point. i met this guy. i like him. he likes me. my ex happened to be somewhat in the picture, although not in a romantic way. guy is having doubts about getting involved with me now, although i've tried to reassure him that my ex and i are over. i tell my ex bluntly that our friendship is getting in the way of me getting on with my life. but guy is still doubting... i don't know what to do!! *sigh* i just hope things work out..... for the best.... of everyone.


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